Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tip Tuesday #8

Hey everyone! Its Tip Tuesday #8!  This week I have 6 tips to share with you! :) Hope you enjoy this video!
 You can watch the video here:

Tip 1 - Put toothpaste on red, swollen acne to reduce swelling and pain. There will be a burning sensation though.

Tip 2 - Dirty nails? Use a spoolie to massage and clean under your nails.

Tip 3 - Blow dry your hair with cold air after styling to lock in the style.

Tip 4 - To get that extra shine in your hair, rinse your hair with cold water for a few minutes after you wash it.

Tip 5 - Keep your skin from drying up by switching to a heavier moisturizer for winter.

Tip 6 - Bushy stray brows? Use hair clay, clear brow gel/mascara, or a toothbrush with hairspray on it and brush over your eyebrows to shape them.

So did you learn anything new? Hope you try these tips out!
Thanks for watching!

xo Lucy

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