Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lucy's birthday haul!

I recently turned 18 on July 22nd. Birthdays (or any holiday, for that matter) aren't a big deal in my family so we didn't do much. I did make a quick video, however, on 07/26 of all the presents I've received. Check it out! Let me know what items you liked best. :)

The haul:

Friday, July 29, 2011

AS Red's Nana "In The Night Sky" Makeup Tutorial

This look was inspired by AS Red's Nana in their new music video, "In the Night Sky." It's a good wine-purple smoky eye for any night-time occasion! :)

Watch the tutorial here:

Watch the music video here:



:) Hope you guys enjoy! Leave us comments and suggestions below.
xo Lucy

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

AS Blue's Lizzy "Wonder Boy" Makeup Tutorial (2 looks!)

This look was inspired by AS Blue's Lizzy in their new music video, "Wonder Boy." It's great for adding a pop of color to your look (you can also change the blue eyeshadow for another color). Since Lizzy has both a lighter and a darker look for her music video, I included both in my tutorial.

I learned a lot from doing this tutorial, both before, during, and after filming.
First of all, I prepped a lot more for this makeup tutorial than I have in the past. Usually, I'll have a picture of the look I want to recreate, which I'll study for a bit to figure out what products to use. Then I just start filming. But I practiced this look quite a bit, trying out different ways to achieve her two looks.

In the end, I decided to include both her lighter and darker looks in this tutorial. The darker look I did is a bit heavier than I anticipated, but I'm sure those with double eyelids would look fine with it. Wearing false eyelashes or glasses would help balance out the darker look too.

Watch the tutorial here!

See, I prepped a lot for this one! Here's all the screenshots I took and compiled together.

Aren't their outfits adorable? So cute. :)

You can watch the music video here:

I'll hopefully be uploading my AS Red's Nana makeup tutorial soon, so please keep an eye out for that!
:) Hope you guys enjoy! Leave us comments and suggestions below.
xo Lucy

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outfits of the Week #2

Hey everyone! :) I'm back with another video! We'll be posting an "outfits of the week" video every Sunday for you guys to watch. 

Sorry for the late video! I filmed everything but with comic con in the way, I didn't have time to edit and upload. This video covers 07/17/11 to 07/23/11. 

So here's the outfits I wore last week from Monday (07-17) to Sunday (07-23):
As promised, here's a list of the clothes I wore:

Monday: matching pink

  • pink racerback tank top - Victoria's Secret
  • navy layered skirt with pink flowers - Target
  • gold ring with pink gems - Forever 21
  • Not Seen: flip flops
Tuesday: Country Girl
  • black with pink floral tank top - Target
  • black cami - Forever 21
  • dark wash denim shorts - Target
  • key and lock earrings - China
  • Not Seen: sandals
Wednesday: Candy Girl
  • cute lace bow shirt - China
  • seafoam green/mint shorts - Forever 21
  • Not Seen: sandals
Thursday: Comic Con day 1
  • ruffled shirt - H&M
  • bright floral skirt - Forever 21
  • matte gold bracelet  -
  • Not Seen: socks + converses
Friday: Comic Con day 2
  • floral dress - China
  • silver pink flower earrings - China
  • floral headband - Forever 21
  • Not Seen: socks + converses
Saturday: Comic Con day 3
  • periwinkle racerback floral tank top - Pacsun
  • skinny jeans - Old Navy
  • pink bow ring - Forever 21
  • Not Seen: socks + converses
Sunday: Comic con day 4
  • light pink t-shirt - Forever 21
  • light washed denim shorts - Target
  • gold locket necklace - Forever 21
  • Not Seen: socks + converses

Which outfits are your favorite? Thanks for watching!

xo Lisa

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tip Tuesday #3

It's that time of the week again, everyone! :) Yup, you've guessed it: it's Tip Tuesday, which means I'll be giving you tips under a minute. This week, I've got five tips to share with all of you.
Be sure to check it out!

Further elaborations:
  1. If I'm stuck on an island and I can only take one makeup product with me, it'd be mascara. I have so many! I hate to waste them though, so once they dry up/get used up, I wash the mascara wands. This way, I can use the wands for brushing out mascara clumps or styling my eyebrows. What a great way to recycle, right? :)
  2. I hate it when I can smell someone's perfume waayyy after they've passed me by. By brushing a fragrance through your hair, you can smell nice--but not from 20 feet away. It's really good for dates. ;)
  3. I slather myself in sunscreen... whenever I remember to. Which isn't often enough, since I'm out in the sun everyday. For convenience's sake, I fill up a small jar/container with sunscreen so I can take it with me wherever I go. I do this with my moisturizer too because my skin dries out often.
  4. My sister and I have a pretty big nail polish collection, but we don't paint our nails that often (Shame on us! I know. ): ). Whenever a nail polish dries up or starts to clump, we drip a bit of nail polish remover in the bottle and shake it up. :) Instantly fixes the problem!
  5. Don't you hate it when you can clearly see the powder on someone's face? Make sure you always moisturize before you use mineral makeup for smooth, glowing, dewy skin!
Learn something new? Have something to share? Leave us a comments below or on the video! :)
Have a terrific Tuesday!
xo Lucy

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Miss A "Good-bye Baby" A Class Makeup Tutorial

Miss A's Jia

Miss A's Min

Watch the tutorial for this look here!

You can watch their music video for "Goodbye Baby" here:

Miss A is another girl group that I absolutely LOVE and admire. :) I thought their look for their new album "A Class" and song "Good-bye Baby" would be so great for a classy evening out. Or just for fun. ;)

Each of their eyeliner lines were drawn a bit differently, so I based my look mostly off of Min's and Jia's. But I think you get the idea! :)

As for the clothing, I wore a black romper from H&M and a black leather obi belt from Forever21.


Miss A from left to right: Jia, Min, Fei and Suzy

Let me know what you think of it, and what looks you'd like to see in the future! Thank you!
xo Lucy

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tip Tuesday #2

Hey everyone!

Its Tip Tuesday again! This week we have 7 tips to share with you!(: Hope you enjoy this video ♥ You can watch it here:

Tip #1 - Use lotion to keep down flyaways
Tip #2 - Use Vaseline to keep your eyebrows from being messy
Tip #3 - Dip a clean mascara brush in some Vaseline and swipe it into your eyelashes. Then put on your mascara to have even thicker, darker, and defined lashes
Tip #4 - Get rid of puffy eyes by using a cold compress or by pressing damp tea bags under your eyes
Tip #5 - Before you use conditioner, dry out the excess water from your hair using a small towel, when your hair is damp, it can soak up more conditioner
Tip #6 - Get rid of your oily scalp or dandruff by soaking your hair in apple cider vinegar an hour before you wash your hair.
Tip #7 - Make your own scrub by mixing sugar and honey together. Use once a week to get super soft skin. Be sure to moisturize afterwards!

So did you learn anything? Hope you try these tips out!
Thanks for watching!
✿ Lisa

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Leopard Print Nail Tutorial

This nail design was inspired by Gerlan Jeans S/S 2011, which was recently worn by both SHINee and f(x). Like I mentioned before, I loooove the color mint, so when I saw the cyan/mint and pink design I just had to recreate it. :) Watch our video to learn how to do it! It's so easy, and it doesn't have to be perfect to look good.

SHINee's Minho (left) and Key (right) 

f(x) from left to right: Krystal, Victoria, Luna, Sulli and Amber

Mint - Forever21 - $2.80
White - e.l.f. - $1.00
Fuchsia - e.l.f. - $1.00
Black - e.l.f.- $1.00

Pointy toothpicks
Round toothpicks

 Lisa's version, she used e.l.f.'s white, blush and black nail polishes.

What do you think? What colors would you try this with?
Let us know if you try this out!

xo Lucy

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