Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tip Tuesday #3

It's that time of the week again, everyone! :) Yup, you've guessed it: it's Tip Tuesday, which means I'll be giving you tips under a minute. This week, I've got five tips to share with all of you.
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Further elaborations:
  1. If I'm stuck on an island and I can only take one makeup product with me, it'd be mascara. I have so many! I hate to waste them though, so once they dry up/get used up, I wash the mascara wands. This way, I can use the wands for brushing out mascara clumps or styling my eyebrows. What a great way to recycle, right? :)
  2. I hate it when I can smell someone's perfume waayyy after they've passed me by. By brushing a fragrance through your hair, you can smell nice--but not from 20 feet away. It's really good for dates. ;)
  3. I slather myself in sunscreen... whenever I remember to. Which isn't often enough, since I'm out in the sun everyday. For convenience's sake, I fill up a small jar/container with sunscreen so I can take it with me wherever I go. I do this with my moisturizer too because my skin dries out often.
  4. My sister and I have a pretty big nail polish collection, but we don't paint our nails that often (Shame on us! I know. ): ). Whenever a nail polish dries up or starts to clump, we drip a bit of nail polish remover in the bottle and shake it up. :) Instantly fixes the problem!
  5. Don't you hate it when you can clearly see the powder on someone's face? Make sure you always moisturize before you use mineral makeup for smooth, glowing, dewy skin!
Learn something new? Have something to share? Leave us a comments below or on the video! :)
Have a terrific Tuesday!
xo Lucy

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