Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tip Tuesday #1

Hey everyone!

We're going to be posting a "Tip(s under a minute) Tuesday" video every week. This week, we have 6 tips to share with you guys! :) Hope you guys enjoy! You can watch it here:

Here are some hints on what tips are in the video...

So? Did you learn anything new? :) Hope you try them out! I personally use the cinnamon tip whenever I know I'll be in pictures/video the next day because it keeps my face from bloating.

Oh, and here's my eye of the day. :( The camera washes out the pretty colors so here's a darkened (slightly better) shot of it.

^The light teal is sooo vibrant in real life! I also used a dark brown/green for the outer corner. There's a bit of white and yellow eyeshadow for my inner corners.

Thanks for watching!
xoxo Lucy

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Jantje said...

your makeup looks cute on you haha!

Neon Rouge said...

Thanks! :)

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Eek-- the video wouldn't load here on the blog for me. :/

Darn~~. I'll leave a new comment once I figure out why no vids are loading. ; _ ;

Taylor said...

Hey i am passing on the Top 10: Skin Care Award to you girls!

Check out my blog for more info:)


Anonymous said...

Love it! I'll follow your blog if you follow mine! Thanks :)


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