Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tip Tuesday #2

Hey everyone!

Its Tip Tuesday again! This week we have 7 tips to share with you!(: Hope you enjoy this video ♥ You can watch it here:

Tip #1 - Use lotion to keep down flyaways
Tip #2 - Use Vaseline to keep your eyebrows from being messy
Tip #3 - Dip a clean mascara brush in some Vaseline and swipe it into your eyelashes. Then put on your mascara to have even thicker, darker, and defined lashes
Tip #4 - Get rid of puffy eyes by using a cold compress or by pressing damp tea bags under your eyes
Tip #5 - Before you use conditioner, dry out the excess water from your hair using a small towel, when your hair is damp, it can soak up more conditioner
Tip #6 - Get rid of your oily scalp or dandruff by soaking your hair in apple cider vinegar an hour before you wash your hair.
Tip #7 - Make your own scrub by mixing sugar and honey together. Use once a week to get super soft skin. Be sure to moisturize afterwards!

So did you learn anything? Hope you try these tips out!
Thanks for watching!
✿ Lisa

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