Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lucy's birthday haul!

I recently turned 18 on July 22nd. Birthdays (or any holiday, for that matter) aren't a big deal in my family so we didn't do much. I did make a quick video, however, on 07/26 of all the presents I've received. Check it out! Let me know what items you liked best. :)

The haul:

The 32GB iPhone 3GS hand-me-down that my brother gave me when my sister and I visited him in Kansas. It's absolutely wonderful! :) My old iTouch was 2G and only had 8GB worth of space, so I had to constantly delete songs to make room for new ones. With this one, I can not only add as much stuff as I want, but I can take pictures! :) Whoohoo!

The Cath Kidston iphone cover was from my best friend (as many gifts below will be from lol she's the sweetest). It's absolutely perfect; I couldn't have chosen something better for me! It fit so perfectly I felt like this:

The SHINee screen cleaner was perfect for the iPhone; good bye gross screens! I pull off keychains (on accident) when there's no lanyard attached, so the mini lanyard attached is god-sent. 

A hairtie with cute round ears and a birdy pattern. HOW AMAZING.

From Target. They look almost exactly like Dolce Vita wedges! Best part was the price: $8. :) Gift from the mommy, heh. They are super comfy... minus the back. The zipper area hits my heel every time I take a step. I need to figure a way to fix this.

Game of Thrones book from a friend who went to Comic Con with my sister and I. It's good! I'm nearly done now.

The same friend from above also got me a towel to dry my hair. It works like a dream! It looks like this:

I probably should have organized by gift giver... oh well! Anyway, this is a new version of the usamimi headband (super cute and easy to make). This one would be a much more complicated DIY, it seems. Anyway, I love it! It's super cute wrapped around my head. :)

My new macbook pro! My dad has this terrible, terrible habit of buying crappy but cheap laptops/computers that last about a year or two. My old Dell laptop was one of them (it's practically cracked in half! still works though...), so he promised a new laptop of my choice for college. It's pricey, but worth every single dollar! I have never ever been an Apple fan, so I'll grudgingly admit that I love this laptop.
Isn't it pretty???? I love my fox tail! I am chaining it on my bags and wearing it every freaking season. I have wanted one for so long; this is a serious dream come true. Like I said before, my best friend is amazing!!

Aren't these rings gorgeous? I've seen a lot of ulzzangs wear the bunny (actually, it looks like an usamimi headband, now that I look at it closely) ring, so I was super excited to see it. My best friend has the white version of it and the "you" ring. :) "Love you," get it?

SHE GOT MY VIVI MAGAZINES! Not just one, but THREE! They take so long to get through because there's so much more content! I love Asian magazines; I would love to start something like it in the USA.

These pages were about the different types of males. Hilarious to read, but looking at the pictures is just as funny! Notice the guy in the ballerina tutu? :)

SHINee stickers and Changmin/Yunho socks! I don't even dare to use them... they're too beautiful to use.

My SHINee blanket!! It's sooo soft. It also has my favorite eras (Juliette, Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer) on it. :) I'm totally bringing this to college with me!

A SHINee lanyard for my future keys. Guess who's going to carrying her keys with her all the time? ;)

Both sides of the Changmin keychain my BFF gave me. :) Put it on my camera right away! <33 I love pictures of Changmin wearing glasses hehe

I also forgot to take a picture of my SHINee poster from my BFF. But this is what it looks like:
GORGEOUS, right? It's SHINee from their Lucifer album. Soooo beautiful, I'm going to take it with me to college to hang up. <3

If any of you gifters ever read this, please know that I LOVED YOUR GIFTS!!! THEY WERE ALL SOOO AMAZING! THANK YOU FOR A GREAT 18TH BIRTHDAY! I am so blessed!

I'm hoping to organize a small birthday party with my friends once all of them are free.

:) Hope you guys enjoyed this! Tell me what you liked!
xo Lucy

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Kristine said...

Hey! Its me from RealAsianbeauty. I love all the SHINee goodies that you got there! Im like so jealous right now, seriously! haha. I followed your blog. Visit and follow mine if you have some time. xoxo

Neon Rouge said...

Thank you! :) I'll be sure to check out your blog! xLucy

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