Friday, July 1, 2011

Clothes to bring for a vacation

Hey everyone!
This video is about what clothes I'm going to bring on my 12 day vacation to Kansas City! 

I am bringing:
  1. 6 tank tops
  2. 6 camis
  3. 1 T-shirt
  4. 3 skirts
  5. 6 shorts
  6. 3 bikini tops
  7. 2 bikini bottoms
  8. 2 cardigan
  9. 1 jacket
  10. 3 pants
  11. 1 hat

The weather is super hot and humid here in Kansas but the AC makes things really cold inside. It's nice to be prepared for everything!
What clothes are you bringing on your vacation? :)

I hope you enjoy! And subscribe to see my vlogs I will be uploading when I come back! :)



Anonymous said...

I have the same tank top from old navy in purple!

Anonymous said...

I love the skirt you're wearing! Where did you get it?

Neon Rouge said...

Hi, I got my skirt from Forever21. Lucy bought it for me. :) Thanks! xo Lisa

Anonymous said...

Awesome I love that place! Can u follow me on my blog too?

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