Thursday, July 12, 2012


That's right! You heard me! I'm not going to be painting my nails until mid-august which is when school starts. My nails are way to damaged that they need a break!

They are getting more and more stained from all of the nail polish I've been using. My cuticles are really dry, and my nails are brittle from nail polish remover. Not to mention... I have a really bad habit of picking off my nail polish after a couple of days, so I have a bunch of ridges on my nails.
Any who, I will not do anything to my nails except clip them when they are too long (obviously). To add moisture back into my cuticles, I'll be putting Chest Rub (chest rub is a really inexpensive cuticle moisturizer) on them every few days. I'll also be putting on vaseline on my hands (and feet!)  every day, then covering them with cotton gloves (socks for feet) so that my hands won't be dry.
I'll update you when I can paint my nails again! :) I'll be uploading my nail polish collection soon, cause I pre-filmed it a few weeks ago so watch out for that!
Btw, aren't those nails in that picture really pretty? I found the picture from!
xx, Lisa


Annabel Pierce said...

Good for you for giving your nails a break! I absolutely love painting my nails, so it will usually take until they start peeling apart that I realize they need a break :(

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