Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fashion 101: Beginners Color-Blocking

Hey everyone!

Color-blocking is a huge trend that's good for any season. Right now, bright colors are great for a summer look. Some people think you need a lot of colors to color-block, but this trend is actually easier than you think.

Watch our video and find out!

What do you think of this trend? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below or on our video. We'd also like to hear about what trends you want us to talk about in the future.

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Soley said...

thanks! this is helpful! :)
Proud to be your first follOWER!
Maybe you can follow me to?

Candice said...

i love this trend, and your outfits in the video were so cute :)

Arielle said...

I love this video! So many peoples do colorblocking wrong so I'm happy you made this video!

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