Friday, February 10, 2012

Seven Spring Trends For 2012

Hey everyone!
I don't know about you guys, but ever since I've moved to Berkeley, I've been waiting for spring to quickly arrive. Lisa and I grew up in sunny San Diego, so we're very used to wearing light clothing year round. But the weather isn't as kind up in Northern California, and I hate wearing bulky winter clothing. That's why I'm already anticipating the spring trends for this year!
I've been looking at a lot of magazines recently, and these are the trends that I've been noticing a lot in designer lines. I tend to look more at Asian magazines for inspiration, since I've noticed that trends popular in Asia often become mainstream popular in America a year later.
1. Sherbet Colors
Pastel/sherbet colors like lavender, lemon yellow and mint seem to be a big hit this spring season. Compared to previous years, these lighter colors have seen a dramatic increase. I like this trend because you don't have to dress in frilly, girly clothes to get that feminine vibe with pastel colors. These colors are also refreshing and cheerful to look at after a drab winter. Try color blocking sherbet colors! Or to transition from winter to spring, mix in a little pastel with your winter wardrobe for a sweet pop of color.
Ralph Lauren
2. Platforms
Go big or go home! Super chunky heels and super thick soles are in. This mean that the items you'll want on your shopping list include wedges, chunky heels, and a very recent trend: thick, flat shoe soles. With these shoes, you'll be able to pull off any spring style for sure by creating the illusion of mile-long legs--without sacrificing comfort. It's a refreshing contrast to the airy spring trends this seasons, and helps balance out light outfits with a solid, heavy base. Try matching thick-soled shoes with sherbet spring clothing for a more casual look. Don't have wedges or chunky shoes? No problem, coordinate socks with open-toed sandals or peep-toe heels for volume.
Nina Ricci
3. Peplum
What's peplum? For tops, the fabric below the waistline flares out. For skirts, the fabric from the top flares out over the fitted skirt. Through this contrast between what's fitted and flared, a more flattering look can be created. Peplum tops are full of personality, and look great paired with a skirt or pants that hug your body tightly. The waist above the flare is tightly fitted for a slimming effect that's both chic and stylish, but also sweet and feminine. It's one of those items that looks good on everyone because it helps to create an hourglass figure. Whether you're going for a sweet or casual style, the wide flare of the peplum flare would look sooo good with a pair of fitted bottoms.
Jason Wu
4. Black and White
Who says black and white outfits have to be plain? Purely monotone outfits (no middle tone colors like beige or ivory!) are cool, graceful and fresh. Drawing away from colors allows you to focus on textures instead. Layer and mix different textures like sheer, mesh, metallic, knit, and denim to keep your outfit from looking drab. This spring, white denim is a great fabric to incorporate more of because it allows for a more sporty, casual style versus edgy black denim.  Make things interesting with small black accessories and cat-eye sunglasses.
Emporio Armani

5. Sportswear
Speaking of textures, mix mesh, metallic, satin, etc. with sporty items for a sweet, girly look with some edge. Throw on a varsity jacket over a cute dress. Don't put away those New Year's clothes just yet--wear your glittery skirt with a baggy sweatshirt. Or pair your metallics with pastels for an eye-catching spring look. Other sporty clothing to consider wearing: jersey shirts, tops with number logos, or sweats.  Match metallic or shiny shoes with soft-colored spring clothes for a smart, edgy effect.
Marc Jacobs
6. Sheer
Mix sheer materials like tulle, organdie, chiffon, mesh, lace, etc. with everything! I've been seeing a lot of chiffon tops and skirts with prints layered under tulle or chiffon. I love how sheer clothing gives you a polished but casual look! To keep from looking too sexy during the day, wear light, pastel colors with your sheers. Since sheer clothing can be pretty cold, wear knits or heavier clothing over them.
Betsey Johnson
7. Gingham and Big Flower Patterns
Instead of your typical floral pattern, supersize your flowers for a bold and modern style.  Pair flower patterns with bold and basic items to let the flowers stand out. Black and white gingham is great because it's more mature, and not too sweet and girly.
Trends I've been seeing more in America: bold prints/patterns (esp. tribal/geometric shapes), elegant 1920's, cutouts, and slits.
So which trends will you be trying out? Any other spring trends that you've noticed? Let me know in the comments below! :)
xo Lucy


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