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BACK TO SCHOOL: 11th Grade / Junior Year

  • First semester: AP English Language (A/A), AP Art History (A/A), AP Physics C: Mechanics (C/B), Honors American Literature (A/A), Chinese 4 (A/A) (no orchestra!!)
  • Second semester: AP Physics B (B/B), AP US History (A/A), AP Calculus BC (A/A), Orchestra (A/A), Chinese 4 (A/A)
    • Honors American Literature was linked with AP US History
    • Total APs: 6
Test Scores:
    • SAT = 2200 (only took this once) (Math: 700, Reading: 760, Writing: 740)
    • PSAT = 221 (I think? I was a national merit finalist.)
    • SAT II Math (took this three times lol and never studied OTL STUDY FOR SAT IIs!!) = 650, 690, 650
    • SAT II Chinese = 790
    • SAT II Literature = 760
    • AP English Language = 5
    • AP Art History = 4
    • AP Physics C: Mechanics = 3
    • AP Physics B = 3
    • AP US History = 4
    • AP Calculus BC = 5
Tips to doing well academically:
  1. Work hard to maintain a high grade point average. Don't rely on a weighted GPA--try to get A's in AP classes too!
  2. Try to take two or more AP classes (or self-study). TAKE YOUR AP TESTS!
  3. In terms of AP classes, quality over quantity. As you can see by my sucky physics grades/scores, I take two too many AP physics classes lol.
  4. Make sure you're taking at least one English and one math class (and science/other if you need it). Take harder classes in the subjects you're interested in (I love English and I hate science, so I was definitely done with science after this year but I took all the AP humanities classes I could).
  5. Plan to take the SAT this year. Study the summer before junior year with prepbooks or a prep class. This will also help you do well on the PSAT (which you should also take). If you don't do well on the SAT, study harder and retake it! I recommend taking it up to 3 times *if needed.
  6. Visit colleges that you believe you will be applying to next year. Keep information about the universities that interest you, and research, research, research!
  7. Let your counselor and parents know how you're doing!
  8. Make friends with teachers (especially in the classes you like/do well in). This shouldn't be forced; don't be a suck-up. They're great people to talk to about academic problems and questions, as well as personal problems. Many of them are very caring about their students!
  9. Assume higher leadership roles in the clubs/organizations you're in. Continue volunteering.
  10. If you're not going to study over the summer before senior year, try and find something useful to do. Intern, get a job to make money for college, volunteer, visit colleges, anything PRODUCTIVE!
  11. Begin looking at college apps in the summer before senior year.
Tips to doing well socially:
  • People usually start partying around this year. DON'T. DO NOT.
  • Maintain your friendships and continue making more in your new classes!
  • Feel free to experiment a bit more with makeup.
  • Continue developing your style. :)
  • Junior year is way too stressful of a year for you to maintain friendships, schoolwork, extracurriculars AND a boyfriend. I wouldn't recommend having one this year. I've seen girls fail classes and lose friends because they'd rather spend time hanging out with their boyfriends. Don't let that be you!
REMEMBER: Junior year grades/scores are very important!

BUT MOST OF ALL: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! This is a really stressful year for many people (myself especially. I gained at least 10-15 pounds around AP testing time, even while working out every single day!), so make sure you only take on what you know you can handle. At the same time, challenge yourself in subjects you love! I hated junior year so much (worst year of high school!!!!) but, reflecting back on it now, I'm glad I challenged myself like that.

Do you have any tips for high school juniors? :) Let us know!

xo Lucy

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