Friday, March 2, 2012

Nail of the Day: Forever21 Light Mint & Gold Glitter

Today I'm wearing 2 nails polishes from Forever21. There's no specific name for them, but one is a Light Mint color, and on top of that, is a Gold Glitter. The Light Mint is streaky but it's a very pretty color. I love the gold glitter because you can wear it over any polish, and I love the color gold. :)
Here are the pictures! 
Natural Lighting - 3 coats Light Mint, 1 coat Gold Glitter

This combination of colors is super cute and girly! :)

(Left) Gold Glitter
(Right) Light Mint

Do you like this combination? Let me know!
xx Lisa


Anonymous said...

These nails are the cutest!
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soccerbaby22 said...

So cute! :)
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Kelsey said...

Hello! I saw your blog on and just thought I would stop by! I absolutely love this color combo! I have a similar shade by O.P.I called Gargantuan Green Grape, but it takes me 5 to six coats to build up the color to what this is in just 3. It is safe to say I may just be visiting my local Forever 21 soon to pick up this nail polish gem!

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