Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nail of the Day: Julep Anne + E.L.F. Fire Coral

Today I'm wearing a combination of Julep's Anne, and E.L.F.'s Fire Coral. I LOVE Fire Coral, it's a trendy color for the spring and really adds a pop of color. Anne is a straight up grape purple. It's a pretty color, but the application was horrible. :( Lucy actually did a video review on Julep Maven so here's the link to that:

Natural Lighting - 2 Coats of Fire Coral, 1 Coat of Anne
FLASH - 2 Coats of Fire Coral, 1 Coat of Anne
Not gonna lie, I hated Anne's application because it was very thick and gloopy (if that's even a word). 
Fire Coral's application was a slightly thick but I think it's because I've had it for over a year. 
(Left) Julep- Anne
(Right) e.l.f- Fire Coral

Even though the application kinda sucked, I LOVED this combination. 

Do you like this combination? Let me know!
xx Lisa


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