Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School - What to wear on the first day of school

School is starting soon for me so I thought I should share some tips on what to wear on the first day of school! It's pretty important to wear something that will catch people's attentions, so I'm here to help you!
  1. DON'T buy a new wardrobe. DO buy a few new pieces.
  2. DON'T go overboard.
  3. DON'T follow a trend you don't like. DO stick with your style.
  4. DON'T wear something not practical. DO stay in season.
  5. DO follow your dress code.
  6. DO donate your clothes. DO set a reward for yourself. (ex- donate 3 pieces of clothing and then reward yourself with a new piece of clothing)
  7. Pick 2 outfits. Wear your favorite one on the 2nd day to stand out more!
Good luck!
xx, Lisa


Ashley said...

I love the idea of wearing your favorite outfit the second day! I will definitely be doing that this year! I love your blog!
It would mean a lot if you could check out my blog too: - I post beauty, fashion, hauls, everything! I also always follow back! Thanks! (:

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