Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lisa's Project 10 Pan

I wanted to start Project 10 Pan because I have too many products and samples that need to be used up. So, I picked out 10 things to use up and hopefully in 1 month I'll be finished! Since I'm starting today, August 4th 2012, my end date will be on September 4th and the update video will follow.
Products -

Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Body Spray
Aveeno Body Wash
Nivea Body Lotion
Suave Sweet Pea & Violet Lotion
Dove Cream Oil Body Lotion
E.L.F. Light Pink Nail Polish
E.L.F. Candy Fix Lip Gloss
E.L.F. Theraputic Conditioning Balm
Palmer's Lip Butter
EOS Lip Balm
I really hope I can finish using up all these products!
xx, Lisa


Anonymous said...

I seriously need to do this! Awesome job :)

PS: I saw you on E&B's site! Keep up the great work!



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