Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tip Tuesday #5

Hey everyone! Its Tip Tuesday #5! Haven't made one of these in a long time! This week I have 6 tips to share with you! (: Hope you enjoy this video.
You can watch it here: 

Tip #1 - Before sharpening your eyeliner or lip pencil, place it in the freezer for around 10 minutes. They will harden slightly and won’t break when sharpened.

Tip #2 - Can’t find your blush? Substitute pink or red lipsticks as you blush.
Tip #3 - Old Toothbrush? Use it as a scrub to clean pencil sharpeners.
Tip #4 - Do you have static-y hair? Use dryer sheets to rub down you hair, it’ll leave it smelling great and smooth.
Tip #5 - Too much blush? Correct it by applying powder to a blending wedge and blending it in over the color to lighten it.
Tip #6 - Keep getting clumps on your lashes? Wipe off excess mascara from your mascara wand with a tissue before using it to prevent clumps on your lashes.

So did you learn anything? Hope you try these tips out!
Thanks for watching!
✿ Lisa

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CelesteCohen said...

These are such good tips! I'll definitely keep these in mind.
www.celestecohen.blogspot.com is my blog if you wanna check it out, or even follow back? :)
Thanks so much, Celeste xx

Jaci Walker said...

Hi, I found your blog on Elle&Blair.com.

Would love it if you could check out mine and follow back publicly via the GFC link.
Also, having a MAC giveaway soon.



Skye said...

thx for these tips.
tip nomber 6 was helpfuil:)

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