Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tip Tuesday #7

Hey everyone! Its Tip Tuesday #7!  This week I have 6 tips to share with you! :) Hope you                                                                                   enjoy this video!
You can watch the video here:

1) Wipe on a thin layer of Vaseline on your eyelids as primer. Don't use too much or i'll make it muddy. Vaseline's sticky texture grips the color.
2) To have skin that glows: before you go to bed, wash your face once to remove the makeup, and wash it a second time to clean your skin.
3) Hair conditioner can also be used as shaving cream.
4) Mix up nearly used up nail polishes or those that you don't like anymore to make new ones.
5) Puffy eyes? - Run teaspoons under cold water, and place on eyes for a few seconds. Close the eyes, then using the rounded edge massage gently by rolling back and forth over the eye area.
6) Keep your nail polishes lasting longer by sticking them in the refrigerator

So did you learn anything new? Hope you try these tips out!
Thanks for watching!
xx Lisa

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Mayra said...

Great tips

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