Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tip Tuesday #13

Hey everyone! For some reason, we couldn't find Tip Tuesday #12, so here's #13! We'll try and upload #12 next week! ^^ Anywho, we'll be giving you 4 tips under a minute! Hope you enjoy our video! :)

Watch the video here:

Tip 1 - Since sun or heat can harm sensitive skin, wear a mineral based sunscreen.
Tip 2 - Apply a powder bronzer two shades darker than your skin tone for a healthy glow.
Tip 3 - Dip your nails into a bowl of ice cold water to freeze them right up!
Tip 4 - Avoid the high setting on your blow dryer, let your hair dry naturally.

Learned anything new? Got any tips to share? Let us know!
xo Lisa

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