Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tip Tuesday #14

Hey everyone! Today is Tip Tuesday #14, so we'll be giving you six tips under a minute! :)
Watch the video here:

Tip 1 - Shampoo less frequently- 3 times a week, unless your hair is oily. But the more you shampoo it, the faster it’ll become oily.
Tip 2 - If you tend to sweat a lot, use a mineral-based powder foundation, which helps absorb oil and keeps skin looking fresh. Or use a cream or liquid foundation, and then dust a light layer of powder over it to set it.
Tip 3 - For a dewy glow, use creamy products. It will have a stained effect so the color stays put, but it’s sheer, fresh and natural-looking.
Tip 4 - Want lasting eye liner? Mix a few eye drops with your eye shadow. Apply with an eyeliner brush to the lash line on top of the liner for all day wear.
Tip 5 - Use Neosporin on stuboorn white heads and pimples overnight to help clean and heal skin.
Tip 6 - Ice your brows 10 seconds prior to plucking to numb the skin.

What do you guys think? Learn something new? :)
x Lucy


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