Saturday, August 6, 2011

500 subscribers - THANK YOU!

We would like to THANK YOU so much for helping us reach 500 subscribers!

Both of us had been so excited to simply gain 10 subscribers, so for that number to grow to 500... it's simply mind-blowing. We love making videos (we talk about it all the time!), and it makes us really happy to be able to help others with our videos.

The people on YouTube have been so kind to us. We are super lucky to have followers and subscribers like you!

We hope that you'll continue to show us your love and support as our channel grows. ^^

Please leave us any requests or questions that you have! :)

Thank you all! We love you!

xoxo Lucy and Lisa

P.S. We were mentioned in a shout-out video by dancincayooty. Check it out here!

Be sure to check out our joint twitter ( and YouTube channel (!


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