Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nail of the Day: Zoya Charla

Hey everyone! This is my first nail of the day post, but there'll be more to come soon!

Today's Nail of the Day is Charla by Zoya. This nail color is really pretty, and even though it looks turquoise, there are green reflects. It's super sparkly and when I remove it, there's sparkle residue left on my nail that I can't really remove with nail polish remover.

I used two coats of this polish and I took these pictures using natural lighting.

Green reflects

So do you like this nail polish? What's your favorite from Zoya?
✿ Lisa

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Cassidy Lee said...

I've never tried a Zoya nail polish before, but this color looks really cute!

Cami said...

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sisterschoice said...

Unfortunately we don`t have Zoya where I life, but I like the color of this nailpolish!

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