Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tip Tuesday #4

Hey everyone!

Its Tip Tuesday again! Sorry for not making one last week! This week I have 6 tips to share with you!(: Hope you enjoy this video ♥ You can watch it here: 

Tip #1 - Ugh! You see a red blemish on your face right when you wake up in the morning.  Use redness reliever eye drops on blemishes to remove or reduce redness.
Tip #2 - Don't have any blotting papers? Use toilet seat covers to blot your face.
Tip #3 - Can't ever take off your waterproof mascara and end up having raccoon eyes? Put on a coat of regular mascara before your waterproof mascara for an easy remove.
Tip #4 - Did you run out of eyeshadow? Use blush or bronzer as eyeshadow for a soft glow of color.
Tip #5 - Lost your liquid eyeliner? Take an eyeliner brush and use mascara as your eyeliner.
Tip #6 - Don't have time to put on moisturizer? Fill a small spritz bottle with water and spray your face throughout the day to hydrate it.

So did you learn anything? Hope you try these tips out!
Thanks for watching!
✿ Lisa

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Carolina Montoya said...

Love your tips! Some were really helpful. I something similar on my blog but I call it beauty tip of the week!

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